What is quantum biofeedback?

To understand what quantum biofeedback is and how quantum biofeedback works, let’s dig a little deeper into electrophysiology. Quantum biofeedback therapies can provide an effective treatment alternative for a wide range of health problems, while requiring no medication, no painful tests, no needle pricks, and no penetration of the body. Simply measuring the body’s electrical vibrations will reveal where the body is out of balance and what needs to be done to restore it!

What is quantum biofeedback

The quantum biofeedback medical therapy devices, like the QUEX S or the QUEX ED, have earned themselves the title of technology of the future.

Based on the science of quantum physics, the system detects the frequency at which our cells and organs vibrate. When we are stressed or when the body is out of balance or has a health problem, this vibration pattern changes.

With an innovative therapeutic device such as quantum’s biofeedback system, these electrophysiological signals emitted by the body can be easily measured, analysed and put the body on the path to self-healing, consciously „trained”.

According to the science of quantum physics, all physical things, circumstances and events originate from the Universe, everything is in motion, everything is made up of energy. Our body has the ability to restore malfunctioning patterns through its self-healing ability.

Quantum healing is the restoration of balance between body and mind.

Quantum biofeedback

Biofeedback therapy is a comfortable, stress-free testing and treatment method that focuses on the conscious mind.

Electrical sensors placed on the patient’s skin (head, wrists, ankles) measure how the body functions and responds to external stimuli when at rest. Just think about it!

When we are stressed, our muscles tense up, our heart rate increases or our breathing quickens. These are small things, yet they can be measured and made conscious with biofeedback.

How does quantum biofeedback work

To make quantum biofeedback work, you first need a quantum biofeedback device, which consists of sensor chips, a computer system and special software running on it.

The biofeedback therapist places the sensors at the appropriate points and the results are displayed on a screen. This shows how the body reacts to stimuli and how the subconscious mind handles external influences.

Many diseases are linked to stress and the body’s inappropriate responses to stress. Allergies, digestive problems, addictions, anxiety, depression, intolerances, to name but a few.

Quantum biofeedback therapy provides feedback on the current state of your body and allows you to make changes that can improve your health, well-being and quality of life.

Essentially, therapy based on the quantum biofeedback method electrically rewires the body, helping to restore balance.

Benefits of quantum biofeedback

A huge advantage of quantum biofeedback is that there is no unpleasant examination, painful intervention or penetration of the body, for example with a needle. Both the examination and the treatment are painless and comfortable.

Other benefits of quantum biofeedback include:

  • no side effects, safe
  • no medication is prescribed to ensure the success of the therapy
  • constant medication can often be reduced or even eliminated later with biofeedback therapy
  • can be used alongside conventional medical treatments
  • relaxing, calming therapy

How can quantum biofeedback be used

If you want to know how quantum biofeedback can be used and how you can benefit from the therapy in your own case, think about what you have!

Starting with the mildest of problems, such as a sleep disorder or headache, biofeedback therapy can be effective for even the most serious health conditions. For urinary or bowel problems, allergies, other painful complaints, you may also find quantum biofeedback therapy an effective method.

It is even recommended for healthy individuals as they can be fitter both physically and mentally.

During quantum biofeedback treatment, we can consciously regulate our breathing and heartbeat, for example, using information from our body, and later we can even control our own reactions and processes without the need for a therapy device.